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  • Aner Adras

    Aner Adras

    Andrei Bălănescu aka Aner Adras is a Romanian electronic music enthusiast, DJ, and producer, of a digital musical genre that remains underground and becomes increasingly heard. Started learning about music production and sound design in 2008, during which in Romania … Read More

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  • PsyTin


    PsyTin is a very talented Progressive Psytrance DJ from Sibiu. His first contact with underground music was on the local scene in 2011 where he learned how to DJ and shared the scene with local DJ as Acnowgious, Hermetica, Mizani, … Read More

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  • Mīzani


    Mīzani is a hi-tech project born in Cluj-Napoca, România. “Mizanī” is an Amharic word meaning equilibrium. This concept is present in her genre, style, and representation. This knob twister combines the energy usually found in hi-tech with warm, classical tones … Read More

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  • Kaleidrone


    David, aka Kaleidrone was born in the middle of the year 1993 in western Transylvania. MUSIC takes his attention at a young age, and thanks to his father, who is also a musician he started learning piano, then guitar, and … Read More

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  • Mister Sister & Friends

    Mister Sister & Friends

    Mister Sister Welcome to the intergalactic convention for extraterrestrial knowledge. Here you will attend hi-tech lectures and workshops organized by the most precise and high-quality sound designers and producers out there. Useful links:    

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  • LO


    The project named LO has been born in Sibiu. After discovering psychedelic music in 2014 at a local psytrance event, he started to understand and feel the vibrations that psychedelic music has to offer. Over time he began to be … Read More

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  • Manananggal


    “You have no idea how beautiful the darkness is.” Manananggal is an Experimental Forest Darkpsy music project created by Albert Lőrinc, who lets us see his darker and experimental side through a journey of hypnotic sounds that will take you … Read More

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  • Axis Clementiae

    Axis Clementiae

    Axis Clementiae always loved listening to music on his own, but there’s another side of him that is just fascinated by… like Darkpsy and Hitech, for example – just a rave in the middle of an unknown forest, you know? … Read More

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  • Apophis


    Apophis is a Dark / Experimental Psychedelic Trance project started in 2018 from the passion to create sounds that can reach certain frequencies and emotions from the darkest parts of the human mind and soul. Useful Links:  

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  • Silver Sully

    Silver Sully

    Silver Sully is a #fullon #psytrance project that was born in London, United Kingdom in 2016, based on over 8 years of experience, the main goal is to constantly push the boundaries of musical #experimentalism by blending a whole #spectrum … Read More

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  • Viburnum


    Useful Links:    

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