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  • Travel kit


    A set of five products in the travel version. Carefully designed, only-good to pack in a suitcase or backpack, to take with you clean care products – both for you and the environment. Choose it for yourself or give it … Read More

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  • siver parfum de puls

    Silver Pulse Parfume

    A refreshing story in which, olfactively, eucalyptus dominates, blended with notes of conifer, myrtle and bitter citrus. A natural fragrance with a fresh, grassy and crisp scent, like a walk through a fir forest. Essential oils in the composition can … Read More

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  • mithras parfum de puls

    Mithras Pulse Parfume

    Mithras – male, solar mythological figure. God of friendship, contracts and order. His ancient origins are to be found in India, Persia, Greece (Mithras). The Romans called him Mithras and from the end of the 1st century AD the Mithraic … Read More

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  • namah sivaya

    Namah Sivaya Pulse Parfume

    This pulse perfume is an elixir of the joy of being. It can bring peace and well-being in seconds. Almond oil infused with spices is the basis of this pulse scent. Black pepper, coriander, cinnamon, cloves. Pure essential oils used … Read More

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  • Beard Balm Mithras

    Beard Balm Mithras

    Give your beard a fabulous look – as it should be, with Mithras Beard Conditioner, handcrafted in micro-lots from only organic and natural beeswax, butters and oils. Mithras Beard Balm is a solid leave-in balm that melts at body temperature. … Read More

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  • summer-sage

    Summer Sage Deo

    Natural deodorant stick with fresh, sage and lemon fragrance. From 2019, in environmentally friendly biodegradable cardboard container. With a skin-friendly but strongly antibacterial formula, this deodorant doesn’t totally hinder the body’s normal function of sweating but reduces it and works … Read More

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  • Musetel


    Sensitive skin requires careful and gentle care, whether it is a sensitivity inherited or acquired over time. It is recommended to maintain a routine of care and avoid products containing perfume (even essential oils), lanolin or mineral oils, alcohol, surfactants … Read More

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  • mithras


    With vigorous dark beer, wild hop extract and rhassoul clay. Warm, earthy, oriental notes, balanced by the fresh-bitter aroma of grapefruit oil. The complex amalgam of nutrients in Mithras men’s soap gives it important properties for cleansing and caring for … Read More

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  • sapun omnia


    After a long day in which you did everything, you heroine of multitasking, you offered and loved, you created and maybe you danced, you deserve a break. You with yourself, to remember who you are and where you come from. … Read More

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  • calendula


    (Calendula officinalis) and oily marigold of Banat marigolds. Marigold oily macerate is known to be anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, healing, anti-irritant, soothing and disinfectant. It is also a natural UV filter. It is effective in treating rosacea, sensitive, dry skin, dry and … Read More

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  • Lip Balm Choco-co

    Lip Balm Choco-co

    The invigorating mint scent in this lip balm makes you… wow! Refreshing but not just that. It stimulates microcirculation in the skin to help regenerate it. Plus, the butters and base oils, beeswax + pure cocoa mass (organic) nourish delicate … Read More

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  • Let-it-be

    Lip Balm Let It Be

    Sudden changes in temperature and wind are some of the main factors that lead to dry skin, especially the sensitive skin of the lips. LET IT BE Lip Balm contains plenty of extra virgin, organic, Romanian fruit buckthorn oil, a … Read More

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