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  • swinging-flower

    Swinging Flower

    The Flower Rainbow Windmill will beautify any corner of your yard or balcony! Featuring colourful petals held in place by a rotating ball, this flower head comes to life at the slightest breeze. The stalk-like green stem hangs playfully twisting … Read More

    not rated 124,00 lei
  • morisca-mini-duet-rainbow

    Windmill Mini Duett Rainbow

    The Mini Duette Rainbow windmill offers you a colorful visual concert right around your house! Whether it is in the garden, on the balcony, on the veranda or fixed in the lawn, this mill brings you an extra life and … Read More

    not rated 124,00 lei
  • paradise-flower-duett

    Paradise Flower Duett

    Paradise Flower Duett Windmill gives you a wonderful visual duet! Made of high quality materials, it is extremely resistant to breakage, wear and moisture. This flower pot comes set in the ground with a stable support. The dynamic note of … Read More

    not rated 124,00 lei
  • morisca-de-vant-cocktail-1

    WindMill – Duett Cocktail

    We often associate the windmill with the beautiful summer days of childhood when we ran briskly through the garden, holding a plastic windmill in our hands, just to catch a breeze. Even now we’re not far from doing that because … Read More

    not rated 124,00 lei