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  • bumerang-orbiter

    Bumerang Aerobic triangle Orbiter

    Aerobie has created a new boomerang model: the Aerobie Orbiter triangular boomerang. The materials it is made of are elastic, resistant and protect the user’s skin. What’s more, its shape and cutouts make it extremely fast. The boomerang can reach … Read More

    not rated 102,00 lei
  • Aerobic Pro Ring

    Aerobic Pro Ring frisbee 25 cm

    Holding the Guinness record for the longest throw distance (406m) in the frisbee category, Aerobie Pro Ring challenges your competitive spirit. The Aerobie Pro Ring Frisbee is 33 cm in diameter and made of soft rubber, so it can be … Read More

    not rated 102,00 lei