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  • White Sage Scented Sticks

    Nag White Sage Scented Sticks

    Golden White Sage Scented Sticks are Indian fragrant sticks, handcrafted with care and skill. They are also called Agarbatti and are made from flowers, wood, oils, resins, or natural spices. They have a special aroma, uplifting and gentle, sweet and … Read More

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  • Summer Sage Deo

    Summer Sage Deo

    Summer Sage Deo a natural deodorant stick with fresh, sage and lemon fragrances. From 2019, in an environmentally friendly biodegradable cardboard container. With a skin-friendly but strongly antibacterial formula, this deodorant doesn’t totally hinder the body’s normal function of sweating … Read More

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  • white sage

    White Sage

    Salvia Apiana or White Sage is a strong, perennial, and ornamental plant that can reach a height of up to 90 cm. Its leaves are silvery and the flowers are shades of white, blooming from June to late autumn, attracting … Read More

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