Is the alter-ego of Sethryus that plays on the dark side of the world, he combines organic forest sounds with a spark of dark digital sound. S.E.T.H. brings you in the deepest and darkest corners of the forest. He is attracted and influenced by classical rhythms, organic and non-organic sounds and a lover of high-speed bpm. Usually, his performances are made of forest/darkpsy/quantum harmonics.
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The project named Acnowgious was born in Sibiu. He discovered electronic music around the age of twelve, being very attracted by the most aggressive and high-pitched sounds from Dubstep and Drum and Bass. Later in the year 2015, he discovered psychedelic music and started to love this genre more and more. After he observed how much energy revolves around this kind of events, he understood that this is totally for him. He founded the Cronomonium Crew and started in the psychedelic world organizing many more events in the area of Sibiu and evolved more and more in all that he was doing. In 2017 he started to play music at many more events including Sons of Gaia, Phantasmagoric, Revolution Festival, Psylocibin, Cyberdelic, Solar Seeds in Transilvania, Reccelebration, The Core and Codru Festival. The most organic, psychedelic and dark sounds are combined with melodic and dancing rhythms are in his mixes, accelerating all in a unique form of hi tech and sometimes more than it should, reaching even the deepest frequencies of psycore.
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Silver Sully

Silver Sully is a fullon psytrance project that was born in London in 2016, based on over 8 years of experience, the main goal is to constantly push boundaries of musical experimentalism by blending a whole spectrum of sounds that form a narrative – this can be edgy, jocular, up-lifting, trippy and sometimes even nostalgic.Since the first gig in London, the project had serious support across London finest psytrance club nights and raves ( This Is Sparta events, Fresh Psytrance events, Cohesion and Illusiom @ 414 Club in Brixton and also opening for Infected Mushroom’s album launch, Return To The Sauce, in a brilliant B2B set with CK at the legendary Troxy venue ) and also had an amazing summer, touring Romania’s top psytrance festivals ( Dakini, Sons Of Gaia, Waha, Transylvaliens and Solar Seeds ).“I feel that music has an amazing influence on human emotions and it’s about communicating these emotions, living through them with the people i play for, that’s what matters the most for me. “
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Sethryus project started in 2017, as a Goa trance DJ later on taking the journey of producing music. Music which consists in alterating the organic and digital sounds with groovy bass lines. Influenced by a multitude of psychedelic, classical, funky, organic and digital sounds.
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Hey . My name is Adrian aka PsyTin. I’m from Sibiu , Romania , i’m 23 years old and i progress as a DJ . I mix genres of music like : psy-trance , progressive , full on , twilight , morning – progressive .My journey starts in 2010 in my hometown Sibiu when I discovered I like music more then just listen it and I decided to learn to be a good DJ and to mix music. Then I started to organize my own parties where I came several DJ’s to play live sets like : Syl , Bozzo , Zipper , D.vibes , Trebor , MC Strenght , Necs , Elepsy , Option Zero , Gallysay , Gotthard , Un Guru , Roxxete , Matheus , Coco , and many more…
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The project named LO has been born in Sibiu. After discovering psychedelic music in 2014 at a local psytrance event, he started to understand and feel the vibrations that psychedelic music has to offer. Over time he began to be attracted by Full on, Forest but in special Darkpsy. He has his debut at Phantasmagoric 2 when he fell in love with all the psytrance scene and he continued with his second gig at Ciber Space. After that, he saw how much energy can transmit the human beings through dance.He understood then that he feels the most freedom when he masters the most horror and twisted parts of this music.
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Doloqwen is a Forest Quantum Hitech project born in Bucharest. He likes to mess around with high BPM range and dark organic, futuristic sounds. Been studying the psychedelic scene in Romania as in other countries since 2015.Thanks for the Crono Crew! My journey started when I found the way out of a dark place in my life due to Psytrance. Since then I started to listen to various subgenres of Psytrance.My favorites include Forest, Darkpsy, and Hitech. With Forest, I learned that you can achieve a lot just by calming your mind down into a meditative state so you can see cleaner the obstacles you are facing day by day. Darkpsy thought me to face my fears, to never run away from them even tho they are scary AF. The last of my list is of course HIIIITEEEEEECH full with BOOM PFIUUU BANGS bringing positive energy to my life and opening my eyes to a better life. Dj-ing is my only way to express my experiences, life thoughts, and lessons.See you on the trancefloor with some dark high BPM sounds! PEACE!
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