The space and time, the network on which we are structured, slowly begins to be more extensive and explicit with us. Our creation, which we have called Time at the moment, is divided into numbers that are hours, days, months, years, decades, centuries, and millennia in principle, but in the present we live, although infinitely apparent, we never have enought of it.
          So with the time that was given to us, let’s color it with fluorescent shades and high-pitched sounds. The figures turn them into powerful and vibrant bass beats which fill the emptyness around us. We let our bodies float on the music and vibrate with her, all together.
          We are CRONOMONIUM. We aim to transform space and time into art, music and parties. Born in Sibiu, România, the project is based on the idea of bringing people together through the universal language of art, thus creating a community. Art gives us infinite posibilities and our goal is to turn it into something that represents us ALL: a universe where positivity flourishes and nurtures everything and everybody around.


                                            ↓Here is a little sample of how our universe looks like↓