Cast Trinity

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The challenge sometimes comes in simple forms, and the Trinity metal puzzle is simply food for clever minds.

Cast Trinity at first glance it’s just three separate pieces with a small hole that looks like it allows for an easy fit.
But as you become more familiar with these pieces, the banality gives way to intrigue…how can 3 simple metal puzzle pieces give you a headache? Well, with the Trinity metal puzzle you can!!!

It’s a level 6 adult puzzle that presents a real challenge for even the most experienced puzzle fans. There are several possible combinations that can be the key to success. This aspect challenges you all the more because once you have found a solution you have the opportunity to discover a second, third or even fourth.

The Trinity Metal Puzzle is considered an adult puzzle, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a beating from a child eager to prove they can.

What do you think? Take our challenge?


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