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Fire Poi Classic Chain 61 cm

397,00 lei

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The classic fire poi with a 61 cm chain is ideal for a great show!

The components are of high quality to avoid any danger of injury. Inside the wick is a metal center that increases the speed of the buzzers by at least 20%.

The flame is of medium intensity, but the burning time is much longer due to the metal core. The ends (wicks) are removable for this pair of handpieces. They can be easily fitted and removed using pliers.

The shape of the chain is twisted, providing increased strength for limitless handling. The end of the chain is pivoting and allows for easy rotation of the bucks. A comfortable double-finger handle is also attached to it.

Master the fire and ignite the atmosphere with Firetoys’ incredible flammable equipment.

Attention! Fire juggling can be dangerous without prior experience! Before trying it you need lots of practice! For your safety, the presence of an experienced person is very important, especially if you are a beginner. We are not responsible for any incidents caused by improper use of fire juggling products.


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