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Mithras Pulse Parfume

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Mithras Pulse Parfume has a slightly peppery, woody aroma of coriander seed blends with the other herbal and fresh middle notes: it binds and balances the composition for an invigorating and stimulating effect, in an elegant accord of aromas.

Mithras – male, solar mythological figure. God of friendship, contracts, and order.

His ancient origins are to be found in India, Persia, and Greece (Mithras).
The Romans called him Mithras and from the end of the 1st century AD, the Mithraic cult spread throughout the Roman Empire.

Sober and deep, with a slightly oriental base.
The warm, earthy, lush notes of patchouli and ginger oils are invigorated by the freshly bittersweet scent of grapefruit essential oil.

It is a fragrance that can help concentration or have an aphrodisiac effect, depending on the context.

You can find this fragrance in the MITHRAS range – for beard: oil and balm
+ a simpler version of it in MITHRAS soap – men’s soap.

Use by applying a small amount to pulse areas (e.g. wrists, neck or behind the ears).

Inhale the fragrance and exhale deeply a few times.
Put a little of the fragrance in your palms to apply – dissipated – to your hair and/or beard.

If your skin is sensitive and you experience an unpleasant reaction from using this perfume, please contact me.

Of course, the fragrance can also be used by women, but it is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.


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