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Multicolor Poi’s Slow Fade – Firetoys

345,00 lei

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These Multicolor Poi light poles will give you everything you need for a fantastic and colorful game at the best price!

This durable set of glow-in-the-dark light up sticks in gorgeous, vivid colours is perfect for juggling in the dark. It’s simple and easy to operate, requiring just a few simple twists and turns of the adjustable strings. These strings come with little handles for 2 fingers on each hand. Thus, you will be able to juggle with each ball on one hand, inventing dance choreographies and light games with great ease.

The balls are equipped with multi-coloured LEDs, which change colour easily from one to the other every 5 seconds, offering a show in all the lights of the rainbow. This subtle change from one colour to another produces a fantastic effect, and if you start one ball before the other with the 5 seconds, the show will be even more interesting.

The string is adjustable and durable, with a mechanism that allows the balls to rotate for free movement in any direction you wish. The balls and strings can be easily removed via the clip system on the balls.

Batteries are included (3 pcs/each, type LR44) and last for a minimum of 8 hours of bright, multi-coloured operation.


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