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Omnia Soap

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After a long day in which you did everything, you heroine of multitasking, you offered and loved, you created and maybe you danced, you deserve a break. You with yourself, remember who you are and where you come from.

Omnia Soap natural colored with alkane root and covered with shiny powder, discreetly scented with essential oils that touch the feminine in us and highlight it, while providing protection and balance (lavender, geranium, sage, tangerines, patchouli, cloves, and jasmine wax). Stamped with the symbol of Venus, the goddess of beauty, fertility, and abundance.

Enriched with cold-pressed sesame oil, Omnia soap – for it cleanses the body but also the spirit of everything that is no longer useful after a long day, it helps you reconnect, to recognize your creative and intuitive side. Enjoy the feeling of using an intentionally created soap, fine foam, color, and texture that are exposed as you use it.

Then a red wine, or a book, or rest directly.

You’re already shining again.

Tip: Use soap (of any kind) as soon as possible to clean your face.
No matter how friendly soap is, used too often leads to the elimination of the natural-protective layer of the skin and thus to the compromise of the epidermal barrier and drying. That is why I do not recommend using face soap except in exceptional cases, maximum of 2 times a week for normal skin or a maximum of 1 time per week for problem skin (dry, combination / oily, sensitive). Moisturizes the skin immediately afterward.


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