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Why a soap on a string?
When you switch to a solid soap without plastic packaging, one of the problems is that it gets quite soggy when sitting in a wet environment.
A good soap dish with large holes and the ability to drain water is one solution, but it’s often hard to find. And when traveling, the soap dish is an extra accessory that sometimes hinders the soap from drying instead of helping it.

I suggest this adorable soap on a string.

Thanks to the string, soap can hang from a hook in the bathroom or kitchen, or from a branch by a river anywhere.
So it doesn’t slip, dries easily, and lasts longer.

A playful and practical concept.

Various varieties of handmade soap, more or less exfoliating, simply scented, or without added essential oils for those with sensitive and reactive skin, for (future) mums and toddlers.

Round, minimally wrapped, attached to a hemp string.

Why hemp and not cotton? Because it requires far fewer resources to grow and its growth enriches the soil and requires no fertilisers or pesticides. Plus it adheres better to any surface and is resistant to moisture degradation.


MISS POPPY: poppy seeds and oil + mint and lime

DEEP: sweet orange and bourbon geranium + alkane root powder

PINK: sweet orange, grapefruit, tangerine & bourbon geranium

TROPIC: Lemon & basil


Tip: Use soap (of any kind) as infrequently as possible to cleanse your face.
However friendly a soap may be, using it too often leads to the removal of the skin’s natural-protective layer and thus compromises the epidermal barrier and dryness. A soap with a high excess of fat can compensate for this to some extent but nothing is better for the skin than the coating of essential fatty acids it creates for itself. This is why I only recommend using soap on the face in exceptional cases, a maximum of 2 times a week for normal skin or a maximum of once a week for problem skin (dry, combination/oily, sensitive).
Because we wash our hands more than usual, I recommend using an ointment or butter immediately after washing, applied to damp skin.


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