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Silver Pulse Parfume

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Silver Pulse Parfume is a refreshing story in which, olfactive, eucalyptus dominates, blended with notes of conifer, myrtle, and bitter citrus.
A natural fragrance with a fresh, grassy, and crisp scent, like a walk through a fir forest.

Essential oils in the composition can help decongest nasal passages and soothe respiratory problems.

Bergamot and juniper create a beneficial synergy, with stimulating effects on the immune system, mind, and body.

The pure essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, pine, and juniper calm and center the spirit, have a purifying effect, and act on the nervous and respiratory systems, inducing a state of calm, and well-being and relieving stress.

Pine – invigorating, effective in relieving mental stress, used in aromatherapy to relieve fatigue, with the ability to increase well-being.

Niaouli – related to eucalyptus, stimulates the functioning of the immune system. It can help with sinusitis and rhinitis while having antiseptic, antiviral, and antifungal properties.

Traditionally, cranberry is also used to soothe coughs and other respiratory tract problems, as well as an adjuvant for colds, chronic fatigue, and insomnia. Emotionally, it can be helpful in calming anxiety, leading to restful sleep.

The scent brings you back to the present during the day when thoughts and chores become overwhelming.

Use by applying a small amount to pulse areas (e.g. wrists or behind the ears). Inhale the scent and exhale deeply a few times.

You relax and enjoy the here and now.

Bonus: the scent is mildly insect-repellent!
Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

This is not a medicine, do not use it for this purpose.
If you experience symptoms that concern you, call for a specialist consultation.

Some of the oils in the perfume have a warming effect on the skin. If your skin is sensitive there is a good chance you will feel this effect. The sensation will quickly disappear. However, if you notice an unpleasant skin reaction after use, contact me.

This fragrance is 100% natural, contains no fragrance fixers and its aromatic effect lasts less than a synthetic fragrance.

The role of this fragrance is more that of soul care than body fragrance, even if the two functions overlap at times.


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