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Travel Kit is a set of five products in the travel version.

Carefully designed, only good to pack in a suitcase or backpack, to take with you clean care products – both for you and the environment.

Choose it for yourself or give it as a gift to someone with a love of travel and living in nature!

The adorable bag is sewn by Ionela, made of strong cotton, unbleached, and hand-stamped by us with the stamps created by Amandine Emilie.
Contains three of your favorite products in the mini version:

CALENDULA mild soap (with olive oil infused with marigold flowers)
K KOALA solid natural shampoo (with nettle & eucalyptus, argan, and jojoba vegetable oil)
SUMMER SAGE deodorant stick, with sage and lemon, in a biodegradable container.

+ two interesting products:

Read the full list of ingredients at INFO & INGREDIENTS, a little below.

Pssst: if you want, add to the order other face care products, also in the mini version:

Saucha I or Saucha II: face cleansing powder
Libra balance – dry oil for the face (mixed skin with acne tendencies)
Libra calm – dry face oil (normal/sensitive skin)

And, why not, a Mithras beard oil – the starter version – also suitable for moisturizing normal skin
or a Namah Sivaya pulse fragrance, slightly repellent and quick to bring peace of mind ??
They are all small, light, and useful, especially when you do not have the comfort of your own home at hand.

Skin test:
Although the substances contained in these products are generally safe and well tolerated by most skin types, test a small amount and wait 24 hours before using. If you notice an unpleasant reaction, contact me!

A multifunctional skin conditioner with healing plant extract, antibacterial essential oils, fresh scent, nourishing vegetable butters, protective beeswax, and emollient olive oil – only goodies, I tell you. So if you’ve been bitten by an insect or a lady, you’ve hit yourself, if you need a little hydration on your hands or even dry lips since you’ve changed your environment, this is the little product that will do its job. Unisex, like the rest of the products. Available only as part of this kit.
teeth cleaning
LUSTER toothpaste, with charcoal, turmeric, and peppermint essential oil – travel edition (full size & refill soon in the shop). How to use it? sprinkle a little on the damp toothbrush or put it in your palm and load the damp toothbrush from there. Brush your teeth, and as usual, rinse. When or if you don’t brush your teeth, take a little powder in your mouth + immediately some water and rinse well for a quick refresh. Then spit, although the powder can be swallowed without worries.


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