Cast Hashtag

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A wide variety of puzzles were born during the 19th century. With these puzzles, Hanayama tried to bring back to life the “Cast Metal Puzzle”. To create these puzzles, zinc alloy is melted and cast into a metal mold. They are called “Cast Puzzle” because of the manufacturing process; the casting method.

Solving Cast Hashtag requires subtle handling of the pieces, as it will often leave the victim struggling with frustration. It’s a masterpiece of the brain puzzle category.

Hashtag or Shift is one of Hanayama’s newest puzzles. A delightful puzzle that is sure to challenge your logic and imagination.

It consists of 4 parts that together make up the image of a “hashtag”. The aim of the game is to separate the 4 pieces. Even if it seems easy at first glance, it is not at all so. Patience, logic, and creativity are the keys to discovering the solution. But the challenge doesn’t stop there. Once you have the pieces separated, put them back together in their original form.

It’s an ideal way to train your mind and relax at the same time.

What do you think? Do you accept our challenge?


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