Acnowgious is a psytrance project focusing on blending astronomical sounds with the engaging energy of high bpm. This way, he creates a powerful style of hi-tech mixed with futuristic, trenchant notes and nostalgic sounds that bring the past, present, and future together. Born and raised in Sibiu, România, Acnowgious started experimenting with music in 2016. Searching for a genre that comprised everything that he wanted to convey, he began navigating the dubstep genre until he discovered psytrance, specifically the hi-tech subgenre. At that moment, he became hooked on what hi-tech entailed. Acnowgious played at numerous psytrance events from 2016 until the present all over the country. Some of these events include Solar Seeds in Transylvania, Sons of Gaia, Psylocibin, and Cyberdelic.

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