Buddha Blessing Scented Sticks

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Deepika Buddha Blessing Scented Sticks are Indian-scented chopsticks, handmade with care and skill. They are also called Agarbatti and are made from flowers, wood, oils, resins, or natural spices. They form an aromatic mixture that creates a meditative atmosphere, suitable for introspection and energetic cleansing. It has a unique, sweet, and floral aroma, in which the essences of the rose are harmoniously complemented with those of magnolia, with the essences of sandalwood, and with the tones of musk. These Agarbatti (scented sticks) are helpful in meditations, yoga, or spiritual journeys, with the role of removing irritating thoughts, centering and balancing the energies in the body, to allow the creative mind to develop and find relaxation, peace, and harmony. The burning time of a stick is about an hour.

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1 Pack, Box with 12 Packs


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