Palo Santo

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Bursera Graveolens / Palo Santo is a tree of impressive importance in history and, more recently, in modern medicine. It has been used by shamans and healers for centuries in ancestral practices, prayers, rituals, and especially healing.

Palo Santo dates back to the time of the Inca Empire when it was used as an essential oil with calming, spiritual purification, and relaxation properties. Peruvian shamans used the holy wood in the form of sticks to prepare for meditation. The smoke and aroma of the wood remove negative energies and thoughts and keeps evil spirits at bay. Native South Americans also use Palo Santo wood to remove negative energies (mala Energia) from their homes and surroundings through therapeutic smoke.

Only dried branches that have fallen naturally to the ground are taken for use, out of respect for their sacred properties. Live trees can never be cut down, as they are protected and supervised by the Peruvian government. The fallen branches are left to macerate for a period of time to harden their properties and the liquid sap obtained crystallizes, forming deposits that give the palo santo wood its orangey color and golden appearance. These deposits contain the essence of the holy wood, its depth, and, of course, its magic. It is also called the wood of synchronicities.

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