Cast Spiral

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Cast Spiral part of the range of puzzles, Hanayama tried to bring back to life the “Cast Metal Puzzle”. To create these puzzles, zinc alloy is melted and cast into a metal mold. They are called “Cast Puzzle” because of the manufacturing process; the casting method.

At first glance, this puzzle made by Kennet Walker of Rivermore, California doesn’t look easy. However, the 5 pieces can definitely be taken apart. Reassembly, however, is another matter entirely. The suggestion for solving this puzzle would be not to apply too much pressure to the pieces. Solved or not, the five pieces exude a kind of exquisite elegance, looking perfect in the palm of anyone’s hand.

Cast puzzles offer an unlimited amount of mystery. Collectability is also one of the features that attract people. Once you’ve solved one, you’ll no doubt want to challenge yourself with another!


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