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  • siver parfum de puls

    Silver Pulse Parfume

    A refreshing story in which, olfactively, eucalyptus dominates, blended with notes of conifer, myrtle and bitter citrus. A natural fragrance with a fresh, grassy and crisp scent, like a walk through a fir forest. Essential oils in the composition can … Read More

    not rated 77,00 lei
  • mithras parfum de puls

    Mithras Pulse Parfume

    Mithras – male, solar mythological figure. God of friendship, contracts and order. His ancient origins are to be found in India, Persia, Greece (Mithras). The Romans called him Mithras and from the end of the 1st century AD the Mithraic … Read More

    not rated 77,00 lei
  • namah sivaya

    Namah Sivaya Pulse Parfume

    This pulse perfume is an elixir of the joy of being. It can bring peace and well-being in seconds. Almond oil infused with spices is the basis of this pulse scent. Black pepper, coriander, cinnamon, cloves. Pure essential oils used … Read More

    not rated 77,00 lei