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David, aka Kaleidrone was born in the middle of the year 1993 in western Transylvania. MUSIC takes his attention at a young age, and thanks to his father, who is also a musician he started learning piano, then guitar, and drums. Rhythms were his best friend all the time, meaning drums were always his dearest passion and in 2008 he finished percussion school.

Most of his skills, he got by being an autodidact way after he discovered music is more about feelings than theory.

He thinks everybody has music inside, you only need to free your mind and let your feelings and intuitions control your moves. That way of thinking helped him to understand how music works and opened more opportunities for creativity. After he experienced how to play in a band he tried many genres like punk rock, melodic death metal, and jazz.

After that, he met electronic music and he fell in love with it, especially with psychedelic genres, almost all of that kinds. He started mixing first goa trance, progressive, full-on but in a short time, he got into darkpsy/ hi-tech scene with his Dj project named Boomlin.

In this period he started his experiments in music production first with Fruity Loops and after 2 years, recently he finalized his home studio and started using Ableton. His passion for music is limitless and he will want always to give you a positive, energetic, and unforgettable experience with lots of LOVE.

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