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  • Musetel


    Sensitive skin requires careful and gentle care, whether it is a sensitivity inherited or acquired over time. It is recommended to maintain a routine of care and avoid products containing perfume (even essential oils), lanolin or mineral oils, alcohol, surfactants … Read More

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  • mithras


    With vigorous dark beer, wild hop extract and rhassoul clay. Warm, earthy, oriental notes, balanced by the fresh-bitter aroma of grapefruit oil. The complex amalgam of nutrients in Mithras men’s soap gives it important properties for cleansing and caring for … Read More

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  • sapun omnia


    After a long day in which you did everything, you heroine of multitasking, you offered and loved, you created and maybe you danced, you deserve a break. You with yourself, to remember who you are and where you come from. … Read More

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  • calendula


    (Calendula officinalis) and oily marigold of Banat marigolds. Marigold oily macerate is known to be anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, healing, anti-irritant, soothing and disinfectant. It is also a natural UV filter. It is effective in treating rosacea, sensitive, dry skin, dry and … Read More

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  • roap soap

    Rope Soap

    Why a soap on a string? When you switch to a solid soap without plastic packaging, one of the problems is that it gets quite soggy when sitting in a wet environment. A good soap dish with large holes and … Read More

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