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Chamomile Soap

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Chamomile Soap for sensitive skin which requires careful and gentle care, whether it is a sensitivity inherited or acquired over time. It is recommended to maintain a routine of care and avoid products containing perfume (even essential oils), lanolin or mineral oils, alcohol, surfactants, synthetic foams, and in general, salicylic acid or willow bark, AHA acids, various substances used in the products with sun protection factor. It is also very important to limit daily stress and have a balanced diet.

Delicate care with natural products is ideal, but here too attention is needed.

Chamomile soap is designed to gently cleanse without drying the skin. The large excess fat (shea, almonds, and chamomile) nourishes and protects the epidermis after washing.

The only smell of this soap is that of chamomile flowers and oils.

Chamomile’s own compounds – matricarin and matricin, contain a large number of flavonoids, glucosides, phytosterols, and fatty acids giving it calming and anti-inflammatory qualities.

The volatile oil of chamomile flowers has a high content of bisabolol – recognized as a repairer and soothing of the skin, healing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Very useful in sensitive, irritated or damaged skin care applications.

Careful! Excessive consumption of chamomile tea during pregnancy or lactation is not recommended.

Tip: Use soap (of any kind) as soon as possible to clean your face.
No matter how friendly soap is, used too often leads to the elimination of the natural-protective layer of the skin and thus to the compromise of the epidermal barrier and drying. A high-fat soap such as Chamomile soap can compensate for this to some extent, but there is nothing better for the skin than the essential fatty acid coating it creates on its own. That is why I do not recommend the use of face soap only in exceptional cases, maximum 2 times a week for normal skin or a maximum 1 time per week for problem skin (dry, combination / oily, sensitive)


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