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Calendula Soap

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Calendula Soap (Calendula officinalis) and oily marigold of Banat marigolds.

Marigold oily macerate is known to be anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, healing, anti-irritant, soothing, and disinfectant. It is also a natural UV filter.

It is effective in treating rosacea, sensitive, dry skin, dry and chapped lips, and acne.

Soothes itchy skin.

Use Calendula soap on your hands and body and enjoy the fine foam and cleansing power combined with the healing power of marigold flowers.

Tip: Use soap (of any kind) as soon as possible to clean your face.
No matter how friendly soap is, used too often leads to the elimination of the natural-protective layer of the skin and thus to the compromise of the epidermal barrier and drying. A high-fat soap such as Calendula soap can compensate for this to some extent, but there is nothing better for the skin than the essential fatty acid coating it creates on its own. That is why I do not recommend the use of face soap only in exceptional cases, maximum 2 times a week for normal skin or a maximum 1 time per week for problem skin (dry, combination / oily, sensitive)


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